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Drop-in yoga classes with Natalie Rousseau.

Yoga Classes With Natalie

The following drop in yoga classes are open to the public and are taught by  Natalie Rousseau  . These classes are offered at Neowhistler YYoga which is located at 10 minutes away from Whistler Village in Function Junction.  This schedule will be updated regularly so please check back.

You can also take online yoga classes with Natalie through Yogo.TV

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Class Descriptions

Hatha: A strong and steady practice that emphasizes postural alignment. This practice enhances muscle strength, flexibility and mindfulness. 

Flow: A dynamic sequence of postures that synchronizes breath with movement and integrates awareness and alignment, as well as strength and flexibility. Sequencing may include sun salutations, standing, arm balancing, inverted, and seated postures.

Power: Flow powered up! Get ready to work hard, breathe fully, and sweat it out in a room heated to ~32ºC. This energetic and challenging class integrates breath with movement and builds strength, flexibility and core stability. Sequences include sun salutations, standing, balancing, seated, twisting postures and may include introductions to arm balances and inversions to keep your yoga practice fresh and lively. Beginners will be challenged.

Private Classes

If you would like to take a private class with Natalie please find information about pricing here.