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Vancouver Yoga

Today has been a wonderfully full day here in Vancouver. I started it off with an amazing yoga class with my friend Mike Nichols at Yaletown Yoga. Mike is an extremely talented guy and teaching yoga is only one of the many things he does well. He taught a fantastic class which really balanced out flow, strength, mindfulness and fun perfectly. And he treated us to some amazing sound therapy in Savasana with his crystal and metal singing bowls. We will hopefully see Mike in Tofino for a workshop in the next year.

I spent the mid day catching up on all the computer work, homework marking and other chores that have been falling by the wayside lately, but made it outside for some sunshine as well. It was beautiful here in Vancouver today, warm and bright. I walked to Gorilla Food for an awesome raw pizza, seaweed salad and a fresh vegetable juice. I’ve been eating pretty much all raw for the last month during my Ayurvedic cleanse with Anusara yogi Cate Stillman- and loving it. I will post more about this awesome cleanse and my raw food adventures later.

I headed back to Yaletown Yoga in the late afternoon for another class with another of my all time favourite teachers Christine Price Clark. Christine is an amazingly passionate and ultra kind person and the combination of those two qualities makes her an incredible teacher. I was so moved by her class that my heart felt that it had expanded by two sizes. Be sure to check her out when you are in Vancouver next.

And because I felt so full and inspired by Christine’s fabulous class I just rolled straight into Shelley Tomczyk’s Level 2 Class right after. I always make a point to go to Shelley’s classes when I am in town as they are consistently challenging and deep on all levels. Shelley brings her intense commitment to spiritual practice into the classroom with her and I always learn so much from her each time I go. We did fun partner work in Handstand and Eka Pada Rajkapotasana, finished with some sweet twists and forward bends, and a lovely Savasana. The perfect way to end a perfect day.

Now I’m off to sleep, excited about the fact that I get to be a student again tomorrow in my favorite teacher Robin Golt’s classroom. Robin is teaching the last of an Anusara Yoga Teacher Training at Inner Space Yoga and I am so thrilled to be a part of it- even if I have been too busy these last few months to finish all my homework! Sweet Dreams.


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