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Seasonal Sadhana For Spring

Recently I taught a few workshops that are part of a series I am creating called Seasonal Sadhana, in which I weave together Ayurvedic seasonal wisdom, asana practice, and they mythic energy currents that I associate with the elements needed for balance in that season. Below are some ideas of how to work in this way to create greater vitality this season, along with a handout that you can print for yourself….

February New Moon Sadhana

With todays’ post I wanted to share with you some simple practices that make up my typical new moon sadhana, and some in particular those that can help you get the most out of these last few weeks of winter so that when spring truly arrives you also feel vibrant and ready to blossom….

Smoke and Fire: The Wisdom of Thresholds And Liminal Spaces

The term liminal comes from the Latin root limen, meaning threshold or sill, and represents a time/space where we stand between two worlds or ways of seeing. To be in liminal space is to be in a time where often one way of being is breaking down and yet a new way has not yet taken form….