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Julie Peters On The Power of Narrative In Daily Life & Practice

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of getting on the phone and chatting with Vancouver yoga teacher Julie Julie_PetersPeters. Julie is one of my favourite teachers and one whose voice I deeply respect and value in the greater yoga community that I am part of. In our conversation I specifically spoke to her regarding her relationship to Indian mythology and the topic of deity practice….

Invoking The Divine: Eric Stoneberg on Deity Practice & Daily Life

As I prepare to offer my Sacred Story course I wanted to bring in the voices of some of the teachers who have inspired me most, and share them with you. The very first person I thought of speaking to was New York yoga teacher Eric Stoneberg, so last week I got on the phone with him and we had a super fun chat on the topics of deity practice, personal sadhana, mythology and more…..

Seasonal Sadhana For Spring

Recently I taught a few workshops that are part of a series I am creating called Seasonal Sadhana, in which I weave together Ayurvedic seasonal wisdom, asana practice, and they mythic energy currents that I associate with the elements needed for balance in that season. Below are some ideas of how to work in this way to create greater vitality this season, along with a handout that you can print for yourself….