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Summer Solstice Sadhana

The summer solstice marks the high point of the solar cycle of the year and offers us our longest day. Traditionally this day has been celebrated as a time of joyfulness and a recognition of the fertility and abundance of the earth. Though the solstice is not a recognized holiday for most of us, I have always found that the practice of sacred timekeeping, or of honouring the passage of time with simple ritual, deepens my connection to the natural world and offers me insight into my own changing experience…..

Julie Peters On The Power of Narrative In Daily Life & Practice

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of getting on the phone and chatting with Vancouver yoga teacher Julie Julie_PetersPeters. Julie is one of my favourite teachers and one whose voice I deeply respect and value in the greater yoga community that I am part of. In our conversation I specifically spoke to her regarding her relationship to Indian mythology and the topic of deity practice….

Invoking The Divine: Eric Stoneberg on Deity Practice & Daily Life

As I prepare to offer my Sacred Story course I wanted to bring in the voices of some of the teachers who have inspired me most, and share them with you. The very first person I thought of speaking to was New York yoga teacher Eric Stoneberg, so last week I got on the phone with him and we had a super fun chat on the topics of deity practice, personal sadhana, mythology and more…..